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Ways in which you can help

Set up a ‘Mission Circle.’

Participate in sending warm clothes to the students and their families and extended families. This alleviates some of the material concerns and worries and frees up some finances for perhaps meat on the table or fruit for the children. You can make hats, mitten, scarves, afghans, slippers, pneumonia prevention vests for the children, sweaters, etc.

Coppers for Donetsk
Please help the students of the Reformed International Theological Seminary (R.I.T.E.) in Donetsk, Ukraine by saving your pennies or small change. Start the ‘Coppers for Donetsk project in your church, your society, your social group, your community. Pennies add up.The Coppers for Donetsk Program is working well and we are thankful to God for that. If you need some extra cans for your neighbors and friends and local businesses, please do not hesitate to ask for them. We will be happy to oblige. This would create a wonderful help for the seminary. We have received cans with $5.00 in them and also as much as $80.00! We receive them weekly from all over and from all kinds of businesses and people from all walks of life. For more information of how to start this project please email theavandixhoorn@rogers.com

Support A Student
It is possible to support a student attending the Reformed International Theological Seminary in Donetsk. The cost per student is very reasonable by Canadian standards, yet it makes an enormous impact in the spiritual lives of these students and their churches in Ukraine. The total cost of operating the seminary in Donetsk includes renting the professors’ apartment, renting seminary classroom space, translator’s salaries, utilities, student stipends, desk, chairs, library and other miscellaneous expenses. At the present time we have between 80-100 good solid theological library books written in Russian for our students to use.

You can Support a Student on several different levels:
Level 1 For $100 a month, you can fund a student’s monthly stipend.
Level 2 For $120 a month, you can fund a student’s monthly stipend and cover their transportation, food and lodging for a month.
Level 3 For $200 a month, you can fund the entire cost of operating the seminary for a month per student.
Level 4 Any contribution to help with the monthly cost of operating the seminary would be greatly appreciated. You can make either a one-time gift, an occasional gift or regular support for one or more students.

If you would like to donate to RITE-CANADA or participate in the Support A Student program, please send your Name, Address, E-mail address, and the level of support you would like to provide to:

RITE Canada
800 Talbot St
Suite 110
St Thomas, ON N5P 1E2

or to:


Please make cheques payable to RITE CANADA. RITE CANADA is a registered charitable organization pursuant to the provisions of the Income Tax Act (Canada) under registration number 85102 4000 R0001. 100% of all contributions go directly to support the seminary in Kiev, Ukraine .